Bunny's Profile

Name: Bunny
Nickname: Usagi, Usako, Odango, Captain Luna, BunnyBerryBum, TheWhiteRabbit, Rastafarian Mongoose, more...
Birthday: June 26, 1987
Age: Currently sweet 16 :o)
Astrological Sign: Cancer, and Year of the rabbit looking at the moon
Blood Type: I have no clue, never been drawn
Favorite Subject: Psychology, art, WW2, photography
Least Favorite Subject: MATH, and therefore SCIENCE
Favorite Food: Zacharies pizza, tempura, vegi sushi, sweets
Least Favorite Food: All meat (this includes fish, I won't eat it. Ever.), cooked carrots, olives, and I only eat mushrooms if they are hallucinagenic
Favorite Color: Rainbow/white...black and neon pink maybe.
Favorite Gem: Not sure (I don't have a lot of favorites because I don't like to make generalisations, everything depends) moonstones and opals are nice
Favorite Sport: Blegh. I don't like sports. I like yoga though, that's about as close as I get to liking a sport, I've tried many.
Favorite Animal: How can you choose a favorite??? Blagh, I have no "favorite" but there are 3 animals I associate myself with; rabbits, owls, and unicorns.
School: A lousy poor broken down ghetto highschool that's about to fall down :o( It's being rebuilt the year after I leave
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, singing, dancing, raving, writing, photography, running around naked in the rain (is this a hobby??), being on stage when I can be, paganism/"old school" wicca, I'll take up yoga again when I have the time, cosplay, design, burning things, dreaming, more...
Strong Points: ...? Cheering people up, singing, writing, drawing/painting/sketching/sculpting/photography/visual art in general, giving back massages, being outgoing, flirting, dancing? (you tell me.. o.o;; ) I dunno...
Has Trouble With: I'm a picky eater, I can be cynical at times, I hate school with a passion. I don't like sports. *shrug*
Dream: Just one??? I dream every day, I couldn't just choose one, and I can't even begin to list them here.