Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make me a costume?

Unfortunately, I cannot. I don't have any sewing skills beyond fixing a hem or replacing a button. None of the costumes on this site were made by me. All of the costumes I am wearing were bought or were a gift from someone.

2. Do you know where I can get a costume?

Yes! If you have the time, browse through my pages. When you see a style of costume you like, click on "Costumer's Homepage" to visit the website of the person who made the costume, and you can ask him or her to make you one. If there is no "Costumer Homepage", that probably means the model made the costume his or herself. In that case, click on "Homepage", and try asking the model.

In addition, you can go to "Links and Credits" where I have a whole section dedicated just to people who take comissions. Any one of them would be happy to make you a costume for a fair price.

3. Why don't you have pictures of <insert name> on this site?

It's very simple, I can only upload what people have sent me pictures of. If no one cosplays as, for example, Sailor Pallas, or if no one sends me pictures of themselves as Sailor Pallas, then I can't put up pictures of Sailor Pallas. Also, even if I do come across random pictures of Sailor Pallas, I won't post them unless I can get permission from the cosplayer herself or himself. This isn't a manga or an anime site; this is a cosplayer site.

4. Can I be on your site?

YES PLEASE! Read my contribution guidelines and then e-mail me.

4. I have a commission service, can I be featured on your site?

Absolutely. Even if you don't have any pictures of yourself in a Sailor Moon costume, if you are willing to make Sailor Moon costumes for other people, contact me and I will add you to the Links and Credits page.

6. Why did you make this site?

Well, about a year or so after I got into Sailor Moon, I wanted to make an all-encompassing Sailor Moon site, complete with scans from every manga and every artbook, and information about every single character. However, I had never made a website before. Since I wanted my huge site to be well done, I decided to practice by making this one. I still wanted this site to have a purpose though, and there was nothing I liked more than seeing new Sailor Moon pictures I had ever seen before. Since all of the manga and artbook scans exist somewhere on the web, I decided to do a site entirely dedicated to people in costume (at this point, I didn't even know the term cosplay!), photographs which looked like the Sailor Senshi had come to life in the real world (the word "avatar" is a Hindu term for the bodily incarnation of a deity. The Sailor Senshi are named after deities, after all.)

The site's secondary purpose was to help people get Sailor Moon costumes. When I first got into Sailor Moon, I had no idea there were people on the web who would be willing to make me a costume, I thought I'd have to print out a picture of Sailor Mars and take it to a seamstress in the neighborhood, who would have no idea what I was talking about and probably charge me hundreds of dollars. Then my stepfather found an auction on eBay (there were a lot less of them in those days). I missed the auction, but when I e-mailed the seller (my dear Sestunachan!) she offered to make me one of my own. When I made this site, I wanted people to be able to see a wide variety of costumes, one after the other, so they could choose a costumer based on style and on price.

7. Do you accept original/otaku/fan senshi?

Not exactly. I don't accept original senshi themselves, so no Sailor Sun, Sailor Earth, Sailor Orion, or anything like that. However, I *am* accepting original designs for existing senshi. (Examples include Love Meeko's "Orrery" senshi, and Mara's "Cosmic Fantasy" senshi.)

8. Please put the show back on the air!/How can we get the show back on the air?

I have absolutely no control over the Sailor Moon TV show. I can't produce any more episodes or seasons, I can't convince anyone to import Stars, I can't get Cartoon Network to put the reruns back on the air. Nor do I know of any way to even start convincing someone else to begin the process--there are probably numerous online petitions out there, but it is my belief that no one of any importance ever looks at them.

My advice is, if you really want to see the show again, buy the box sets on eBay. Not only will you then be able to watch Sailor Moon absolutely any time you want, you'll have the option of watching them in the original Japanese with subtitles--if you've never seen it that way before, you'll be surprised at how different (and, in my opinion, better) the show seems. The Stars season has never been commercially available in the States at this point, but there are still many fansubbed editions out there that you could get your hands on.