Lina's Profile

Name: Carolina Wang
Nickname: Lina
Birthday: June 8 1985
Age: 18
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: O
Favorite Subject: Oooh....This is hard....Clothing Design or World Civilization History....: P
Least Favorite Subject: ANYTHING SCIENCE! O.o
Least Favorite Food: I don't eat fruits...I'm so weird i know : P
Favorite Color: Even though it's not a color.....White : P
Favorite Gem: Diamond!!!! I just really like Clear jewels : ) But who doesn't love em?
Favorite Sport: Soccer (Go Argentina and Korea!!!! Woot to Brazil too!)
Favorite Animal: Dogggiiiessssss : )
School: Right now Cary High School in North Carolina! Soon UNC Chapel Hill or something...
Hobbies: Dancing, Para Para, Cosplay, Collection Shinhwa things, Learning more languages, Traveling, meeting people, Managing Track and Cross Country Teams, Collecting Mashi Maro stuff, Loving Andy Lee (kudos to those that know who he is : P) and err, more stuff! hahaha, : ) Eating Sushi should be one of these too!
Strong Points: I don't get made easily at all!!! I'm happy most of the times : )
Has Trouble With: My memory >< It's HORRIBLE!
Dream: To grow old with my sexay Asian Hubby : ) Preferably Andy Lee or any other boy that will step up to the plate **wink wink**, and to design costumes for Disney shows!!! Also to travel and learn more languages other than the ones I already know. Oooh...and yes, I MUST see "REAL" Crystal Blue Waters!!!