Cepia as Princess Serenity in the anime version of her gown that she made herself.
Princess Serenity shows off her ginzuishou.
"Evil one, in the name of the moon, Princess Serenity will seal you off!"
Up close, you can see all of the details Cepia added to make this dress stand out.
The young princess in a playful moment.
Now Cepia is wearing Princess Serenity's gown from the manga.
She added the crown as well!
The Moon Princess sneaks down to Earth.
"Where is he? I've been waiting for over...for...for at least five minutes!"
"I've found you, Endymion-sama!"
Ambrosia as Neo Queen Serenity and Cepia as Princess Serenity in her dress from the eyecatch of Sailor Moon Crystal.
The future and past of Usagi Tsukino.
Meeting through the power of the ginzuishou.
And introducing Eugene Fitzherbert as Flynn Rider!
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