Usagi Kou as Princess Serenity in a costume she made herself.

In her princess form, Usagi's hair is a lot lighter...

...and she sometimes wears a very pretty cape.
Those of the Moon line are always known for their beauty.
I just love the layers and layers of chiffon.
Princess Serenity looks dreamy.
Endymion as Tuxedo Kamen and Usagi Kou as Princess Serenity in costumes they made themselves.
Tuxedo Kamen protects the Princess of the Moon.
Being healed by the power of the Star Locket.
"I never forgot you." (Yes, that's a turtle he's holding.)
A beautiful princess beside a beautiful fountain...
...dreaming beautiful dreams.
Crissy as Princess Mars and Usagi Kou as Princess Serenity.
"I will protect you. I will keep you safe."
Prince Endymion stands ready to protect two princesses.
Jessie as Eternal Sailor Uranus, Usagi Kou as Princess Serenity, and Lone Sheep as Eternal Sailor Venus.
This pose is based on a fanart drawing done by Usagi Kou.
Two beautiful princesses share a garden.
"I always meant to show you my home."
Princess Star Fighter entertains her royal visitors.
"A warrior is always loyal."
Prince Endymion protects his love, and the other protector of his love.
Past and future princesses.
Usagi Kou and Mamoru Kou as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion in costumes made by Usagi Kou.
This is a brand new dress that Usagi Kou has made.
The princess seems to sense the sorrow that is headed her way.
But through it all, her love stands firm.
After all, they were meant to be.
"A rose for my princess."
Usagi Kou as Princess Serenity, Stephanie as Eternal Sailor Moon, and Usako as Usagi.
"I am so proud of you..."
"...and I love you so much."
The royal ladies of the Silver Millennium.
Kayla Kagome as Princess Venus, Goldie as Queen Serenity, Usagi Kou as Princess Serenity, and Mamoru Kou as Prince Endymion.
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