Usagi Sern as Princess Serenity in a costume she made with her friends Candise and Yotan.
Princess Serenity poses in her palace.
The Silver Millennium was known for its great beauty... was its princess.
Princess Serenity receives a rose from an admirer.
The ginzishou holds the secret to her power.
"So, what are you doing later, Princess?"
Despite her carefree attitude, Eternal Sailor Uranus is very devoted.
The princess is very close to her protector.
Usagi Sern as Princess Serenity and Spike as Eternal Sailor Uranus.
Close friends.
Usagi Sern's new manga Princess Serenity costume.
Usagi Sern as Princess Serenity and Chibi-usa as Small Lady.
Playing with Mommy's skirts.
A beautiful mother and daughter.
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